Mass Flow Controllers

Need highly efficient controllers for mass flow measurement? Then you are at the right place now. ASC is one of the premium technical resourcing companies in India serving steel and engineering industries. Our main focus is to deliver quality solutions for your machinery equipment needs.

We provide specially engineered mass flow controllers of Flox [on] series manufactured by FC-Technik. These mass flow meters are well suited for heavy industrial applications, mainly for the production steel, aluminum and copper in 24 hour processes.

High Performance Gas Mass Flow Controllers

The flox[on] gas mass flow controller, equipped with a high-performance micro-controller is a mixture of mass flow sensor and control valve. The power and reliability of the design guarantees user-friendly controls and maintenance-free operation with maximum load-bearing reserve. The measurement of the flox[on] series is pressure and temperature compensating highly controlled accuracy in the upper and lower flow ranges. This guarantees a typical dynamic regulation.

Our range of Flox [On] Series products include: Flox[on] B, Flox[on] S, Flox[on] S500, Flox[on] J

Flox [On] B Flox [On] S Flox [On] S500 Flox [On] J

Flox[on] Mass Flow Meter

  • Controlled Ladle Purging (CLP)
  • RH Lift Gas Control Unit
  • Test Unit for Ladle Purging Plug (TST)
  • Tundish Gas Control Unit
  • Converter Bottom Purging
  • EAF Bottom Purging
  • Shroud Anti Aspiration Control (SAAC)

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